Introduction to car radiators

Introduction to car radiators


In the car engine, the heat generated during combustion is more than the tolerance of the best heat-resistant metals, ie the most resistant metals in terms of heat tolerance are not able to withstand this heat for a long time, so some of this heat must be eliminated. Car engine metal can have a useful and long life against fatigue caused by engine combustion. To reduce this heat, the car engine must be cooled in some way. The car engine is cooled in two ways: 1. Cool air system 2. Water cooling system, which will be briefly described below in both systems.

Cool air system:

In some cars, the car engine is cooled by air (this type of system was mostly used in cars in the past). In such a system, there are grooves around the cylinder through which air passes and cools the engine (such as motorcycles, motorcycles, Jian engine, Volkswagen engine, a kind of Porsche model, etc.) But the important point is that without airflow guidance and without a propeller, the problem of cooling the car engine can not be overcome, even if it is a linear type.

Another point is that less air reaches the rear cylinders of the engine through the air intake vents in the front and as a result they are less cooled. To overcome this problem, the air-cooled engines are equipped with a propeller to air the impeller. Forcing to pass around all cylinders, a thermostatic system can adjust the amount of air flow through the degree. The blades on the cylinder and cylinder head of this type of engine increase the level of the engine that must be exposed to air, and because some parts of the cylinder, such as the exhaust vents of the combustion chamber, are exposed to more heat that this type of heat must be dissipated As a result, the blades in this part are larger than other parts, which ultimately has a larger surface area compared to other parts. As you know, heat is always transferred from the thick part of the metal to the thin part, which is exposed to the cooling device, so the blades are conical to do their job well, which is to cool the cylinder. Air-cooled engines are noisier than water-cooled engines because the double-walled cylinder (in water-cooled engines) and the water between the two walls itself is like a muffler that part It gets a lot of engine noise.

Blue cooling system:

In most cars today, the water fluid that circulates in the engine and the radiator is used to cool the car engine. The job of the radiator is to disperse (reduce) the water heat in the The motor system is running.

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