About us

About us


Designing and manufacturing different kinds of water radiator, inter cooler,after cooler, oil cooler aluminum by brazing technology in different industries such as oil and petroleum industry, manufacturing compressor , road construction machineries , heavy vehicles, and various kinds of power plants . This company is one of the member of US NARSA society as well.


Armaghanlal`s customers are as followings: Compressor’s companies, road construction companies, heavy vehicles manufacturers, oil and petroleum industries, and spare market.


Armaghanlal company has established with the goal of manufacturing industrial parts in 1993.

  • Production of various kinds of radiator and thermal converters has become part of Armaghanlal program in 2008.
  • Presently this company has the ability of designing and manufacturing various types of water radiator, intercooler, after cooler, by using the brazing advanced technology.
  • Company’s products are designing for using in road construction and agricultural machineries, different types of compressors ,and heavy vehicles. Our company has the ability to manufacture in different fields on the basis of our customers` need.
  • If the customer requests to review products, the R & D specialized personnel’s will do it. They also optimize products to increase thermal efficiency, durability and ease of use.
  • Armaghanlal aims to achieve the local and world market in the field of manufacturing heavy aluminum radiators during ten years.On this way no effort will be spared.
  • The quantitative and qualitative development of production lines and continuous technical improvement of personnel is one of the company`s programs.
  • Armaghanlal besides industrials customers has special attention to spare market and wholesalers of radiator.It has a sincere cooperation with them and will try to meet their needs.
  • One of the strong points of Armaghnlal companey is optimization of products and use of creative plans for lessening costumer expenses and increasing the output of its products.

Services and Plans

The specialized personals of R & D are ready to give the following services to their customers:

  • Designing of the heat exchanger by using the customer’s basic information such as the volume of fluid (oil or water … the converter inlet temperature, the lower the required temperature, environmental conditions)
  • Turning iron or copper-brass radiators to aluminum radiators with maintaining or enhancing the quality and efficiency of them.
  • Turning water-based cooling system with cooling the air base to reduce or eliminate water heaters and water splurge.
  • Designing special units to increase the efficiency of heat or electricity during peak seasons.
  • Services required by customers in the cooling systems.

Repairand Review

  • Repair of large aluminum heat exchangers.
  • Modifying the cooling system in refinery processes, plant and equipment of similar